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Classic shift module 4.jpg

Komuso has a unique product offering, which is an elegant, minimal breathing tool designed to help you slow your breathing. With conscious breathing, you can reduce stress, anxiety, and become more focused, among many other health benefits. So the goal of creating some new rendered visuals was to showcase the product with an elevated look that reflected it's value and also to capture the feelings of calm, zen, and peacefulness that are the outcome of using the Shift. You can learn more on their website:

- 3D rendering
- Art direction

Professional work done at Jansy.
To see more from Jansy,


Desktop designs

Komuso_new rendering layouts-05.jpg
Komuso_new rendering layouts-03.jpg
Komuso_new rendering layouts-01.jpg
Komuso_new rendering layouts-07.jpg

Mobile versions

Komuso_new rendering layouts-06.jpg
Komuso_new rendering layouts-04.jpg
Komuso_new rendering layouts-02.jpg
Komuso_new rendering layouts-08.jpg

Animated desktop

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