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Gnarbox WATER render.236.jpg
Gnarbox - FINAL SSD_close up.jpg

Final product renderings for Gnarbox. I rendered their new SSD 2.0 and accessories to be used on their website shop, on their packaging, and for other marketing purposes. The texture was critical to match and show the ruggedness of the SSD. I made a few additional renderings with the water splash to further showcase the rugged durability and IPX rating.

- 3D rendering
- 3D modeling
- Post edits done in Photoshop

Professional work done at Jansy.
To see more from Jansy,


Gnarbox - FINAL SSD render_2-back side.jpg
Gnarbox - FINAL SSD render_9-inside view_UPDATED.jpg
Gnarbox - FINAL product render_ports.jpg
Gnarbox - FINAL dual charger_combo.jpg
Gnarbox - FINAL CF and QXD reader and cable.jpg
Gnarbox - FINAL SSD render_8-front angle.jpg
Gnarbox_FINAL PACKAGES_flatlay.jpg
Gnarbox WATER render.237.jpg
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