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Databloc hero - for website.jpg
2. Databloc_3-in-1 cable_silver_Hero open.jpg

For the Databloc 3-in-1 charging cable, I created a series of renderings and design layouts specifically for an Amazon listing. So the images all needed to be square, have specific information and details, and get the idea of the product across. By creating renderings, I was able to show the product open and capture detail shots that would be challenging for photography.

- 3D rendering
- 3D modeling
- Post edits done in Photoshop


6. Databloc_3-in-1 cable_Feature shot - silver_V2.jpg
5. Databloc_3-in-1 cable_silver_DIMS_V2.jpg
4. Databloc_3-in-1 cable_silver_lifestyle travel_V2.jpg
2. Databloc_3-in-1 cable_black_Hero open.jpg
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